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5 Benefits of Having a Personal Website


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Setting up a personal website can be your first step towards a successful career. Every day, more and more domain names are registered, according to Verisign first quarter of 2021 closed with 363.5 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains. In this article, we will look at the 5 main benefits of having a personal website.

Does the idea of creating a website seem daunting? With tools like WordPress and Joomla, you can create a fully functional website without having to code at all! Let’s see what exactly can you accomplish with a personal website?

With a personal website you can

Unleash your creativity

The word personal in a personal website means something. It means freedom; freedom to do as you please.

CV or resume has its limitations. But with a personal website, you can be as creative as you want. Your content writing, multimedia production, theme and layout selection, and marketing techniques are great places to show your creativity.

Build your portfolio

A personal website is like a digital portfolio. It allows you to showcase your work, skills, achievements, etc. And provides definitive proof of your abilities.

If you’re working in a creative field like writing, photography, designing, music, etc then having your content on a website can land you some high-paying jobs.

Generate revenue

Once you’ve established your website, you can easily turn it into an income stream. Create quality content, establish a reputation, and once you’ve attracted enough visitors, you can start earning money.

Common ways you can earn are by enabling monetization, selling ad space, affiliate marketing, etc.

Stand out from the crowd

Creative fields are crowded. And that’s why there’s a lot of competition. So, it begs the question, how can you shine through the crowd and win a job? By establishing a personal website.

Having a personal website gives you a competitive edge. Employers can find you online and get a first-hand idea of your experience and expertise, which will improve your chances of winning the job.

Also, treat your website like a personal brand, because that’s what it is, and collaborate with others to improve your reach and to find potential employers.

Learn new skills

Running a website is not easy. As a beginner, you’re exposed to a whole new world. And you will need to learn new skills for the sake of survival.

You’ll discover the talents you never knew you had. experiment with ideas to see what works. You’ll improve your skills by getting feedback. With all this skill set in your arsenal, you’ll attract employers like a magnet!



If you’re in a creative field and identify yourself as a struggling artist, then having a personal website can be a real game-changer for you. I’m not going to repeat the benefits of having a personal website here. Instead, here’s an overview of setting up a website.

Search for your perfect domain name. And establish your online presence! You need to find a reliable web host. A host basically uploads the content of your website on the server and guarantees 24/7 accessibility of your website, check out our web hosting plans.

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