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How to Find and Fix Orphaned Content in WordPress

Find and Fix Orphaned Content in WordPress

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When talking about SEO, it is essential to be aware of the many factors that influence the search ranking of a webpage. One of these is removing orphaned content. Orphaned content is pages on your site which are not linked to any other page on your site. This means that they are essentially dead pages on your site with no incoming link or connection to any other page.

Finding and fixing orphaned content on your blog or website might help your site rank better. The first step is to identify such content and then fix it. This article will cover how to find and fix orphaned content in WordPress. Let’s first look at what orphaned content is.

What is orphaned content?

An orphaned content is a post or page on a WordPress website published without being associated with any of the site’s pages, and there are no internal links that point back to it. It is not an uncommon occurrence and can happen when a post isn’t associated with anything or content linking to this page was deleted.

Navigation of your blog or website is crucial for search engine optimization. If you want your content to rank in Google, it needs to be aware of that content. Posts and pages need internal links to them to become a part of a site’s structure. It is essential for both users and search engines trying to find your content.

How to find orphaned content in WordPress?

How to find orphaned content

There are several ways to find orphaned content in WordPress. One of them is through Yoast SEO Plugin. Yoast SEO is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress that allows you to find and fix orphaned content on your site.

f you are a Yoast free user, you can find the number of links referencing a specific page or blog by logging in to the WordPress dashboard and clicking on posts or pages. Then, scroll right to the “Number of internal links linking to this post/page” column; the ones that have 0 is the post/page without any internal links.

Yoast Premium plugin comes with a powerful check for orphaned content. You can find the orphaned content tab under your post overview if you are a Yoast Premium user.

But, if you don’t have Yoast, you would need an SEO tool like SEM Rush to search out your orphaned pages and restore that orphaned material.

(By the way, SEM Rush is a terrific tool, even the Free edition! You can even detect your broken links using this SEO tool.)

Simple tips to fix orphaned content

Tips to fix orphaned content

Many things (simple steps) can help you repair any orphaned content. In simple words, the following points help you fix all the orphaned content and rank your website better.

  • Add many links with the same anchor text in the content
  • Add internal links
  • Make changes to sentences, URLs, and anchor texts.
  • Connect to a list of keywords.
  • Check out if there are any broken links.
  • Connect with another site and obtain ideas for connections.
  • Update your past articles and pages.
  • updating your links to other sites

Why Fix Orphaned Content?

Why Fix Orphaned Content

Following are the benefits of finding and fixing the orphaned content of your website.

SEO Benefits

You will experience a larger volume of visitors as the SEO of your site grows improved with fewer orphaned pages. Your site structure will be better for your viewers. The Google bots will LOVE you for linking all your blog content.

Lower Bounce Rate

Readers will remain longer on your site with links referring to additional RELEVANT information for them to read. Relevant is the keyword here! Please do not point to meaningless information merely for the sake of it.

Readers Will Love It

Your readers will like reading more on a subject if you lead them to the most relevant articles about it. It will be simpler for people to locate stuff on your website.

Boost the ranking of your website

Fixing orphaned content not only can they enhance your website’s traffic but might increase your ranking when people are looking online for information. The search engines tend to view orphaned pages as irrelevant because it’s not linked. However, there are ways you can take measures to make these pages look more critical by adjusting them for your site.

Avoiding orphaned content

The important thing is to maintain your website so that orphaned content doesn’t happen as it will cause ranking problems. But it is not advisable to delete all your old content. Instead, link it somewhere else on the website. In this way, they will remain in the customer’s view.

Conclusion & Takeaways

In this section, we have talked about whats orphaned content is, how to find and fix it. You can increase your website ranking and drive more traffic by following these steps. One of the other essential factors in search engine optimization is website page load time; check out our WordPress hosting offering blazing fast hosting for WordPress websites.

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