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10 Tips to write a good blog post

Tips to Write a Good Blog Post

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Who doesn’t want to write a blog post that goes viral, generates sales and attracts new visitors? The least of all, who doesn’t want to write an article that people would actually want to read? If all this resonates with you, then let’s dive right into the 10 top actionable tips to write a good blog post.

Prewriting tips

1. Research your audience

Before you even begin the whole writing process, you must know who you’re writing for, who’s your target audience? Knowing your audience will help you craft an article that resonates with them and resolves their issues.

2. Gather research material

Understanding your audience must have given you a pretty good idea of what exactly they want. So, it’s time to do thorough research on the topic. Here are some additional tips regarding research:

  • Only use the information provided by credible authorities.
  • Present the researched material in a digestible manner.
  • Instead of overwhelming them with information, stick to the needs of your audience.

3. Create an outline

Outline basically comprises topics and subtopics that you want to explore. It works as a navigation system for your blog post and prevents you from drifting off course.

Writing tips

4. Creative title

Titles are the first noticeable thing about your blog post. But that doesn’t mean you should go for clickbait headlines. Instead, you can craft titles that clearly show what the post is all about, manage readers’ expectations, lure them in and make them read and share your article.

5. Pen a rough draft

Done with the research and outline creation? Now, write down whatever comes to your mind. It’s a rough draft, no need to pause and edit. Just keep writing even if it doesn’t make any sense. You can come back to make changes later.

6. Use short sentences

Short paragraphs and sentences improve readability. And improved readability is directly related to the smooth flow of your article and SEO optimization.

7. Add images

Adding relevant images to your blog post also improves the readability and make your article visually engaging. Only use royalty-free images and modify Alt attributes (by adding relevant keywords) for SEO optimization. Check out our blog post How to easily optimize images for your website.

8. SEO Optimization

If you’re writing an SEO based article, then this tip is high yield. The usage of the primary keyword should be 1% of the total word count of your blog post. Also, don’t forget to sprinkle relevant LSI keywords throughout the article. If you are using WordPress for your blog install a good SEO plugin like Yoast SEO to optimize your content.

9. Editing

I asked you earlier to prepare a rough draft even if it doesn’t make any sense. Well, it’s time to make that draft sensible. Remove the basic grammar errors, improve the sentence formation, just get rid of every “insensible” stuff.

10. Captivating intro and outro

So, you’ve lured your readers in with a compelling title. But if your intro isn’t captivating, they may leave as soon as they come. Some best practices of intro include:

  • Beginning with statistics
  • Empathizing with readers
  • Story telling

If a reader has scrolled to the bottom of your blog post, cash that in. Have a proper call to action (CTA) at the end. Or just summarize the whole content of the article.

How to Write a Good Blog Post


Writing is an art. The best thing about art and skills is that they can be polished and improved. And hopefully, by practising the above-mentioned tips to write a good blog post, you’ll improve on your art!

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